The personal data (especially name, email address, etc.) declared by users / customers through, are used exclusively for the purpose of processing electronic transactions carried out by users / customers. The collection and processing of these personal data, as well as the keeping of the relevant file is carried out exclusively by specially authorized executives of the PAPIKAS footwear company. The PAPIKAS footwear company takes all the necessary measures for the security and protection of personal data and the observance of the confidentiality of their processing, in accordance with the provisions of n. 2472/1997 on the protection of the individual from the processing of personal data.

The PAPIKAS footwear company does not have a publicly accessible file of users ‘/ customers’ personal data declared through The footwear company PAPIKAS reserves the right to disclose the details of the file kept by it to companies affiliated or cooperating with it, in the context of supporting, promoting and implementing the electronic payments made. Details of the kept personal data file may be transmitted or communicated to the competent judicial and other public authorities, provided that the transmission or notification is required by the applicable legal provisions or a court decision. The transmission or announcement of the data of the users / subscribers to the above recipients will be done in each case according to the provisions of n. 2472/1997, as in force from time to time. Users / subscribers have the rights of information, access and objection to the processing and transmission of data concerning them, which are provided by the provisions of articles 11 to 13 of the law. 2472/1997.

The footwear company PAPIKAS explicitly states that sensitive data of users / subscribers within the meaning of article 2 lit. β του ν. 2472/1997.

The use of the application implies the provision of the consent of the user / subscriber for the processing of his personal data declared through this application by the specially authorized executives of the company PAPIKAS shoes and the keeping of a personal data file, for the purpose of ensuring the possibility of communication of the user / subscriber with

When you submit a request online, the information you provide to us is used to answer your question electronically. We consider the applications you complete and the e-mail you send to be confidential. We do not transmit the content of these only to the directly interested recipient and to the law, if requested or in the event that we consider the content of the message to affect us.

Such action is necessary in order to:

Protect our rights and our property Protect ourselves against the misuse or unauthorized use of the PAPIKAS footwear business site Protect our personal safety or the property of our users and the public.